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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth? Perhaps you have experienced dental trauma or injury and never had the tooth repaired, or maybe you're guilty of Dental Implantpoor oral hygiene, and they fell out because of dental disease and decay. Regardless of why your teeth are gone, dental implants are a permanent solution to restore your smile to its natural function and beautiful appearance. If you live near Shelby, NC, and are considering dental implants, your dentist, Joseph R. Hendrick Jr., DDS, PA, is ready to help you begin the process!


How Can Dental Implants Restore My Smile?

These small titanium posts are placed directly into your jawbone in order to functionally replace your missing tooth roots. Following installation, the implants are topped with a porcelain crown, thus producing a beautiful look as well as long-lasting stability. With dental implants, you can replace a single tooth or several missing teeth, depending on your case. You're also likely to notice a significant improvement in your chewing abilities, regain confidence while speaking, and display a refined facial appearance. Dental implants are durable and can last many years when properly maintained.


What Can I Expect from the Dental Implant Procedure?

Here at our Shelby office, your dentist will determine if you are eligible for implants during a consultation. To begin, you must have adequate bone in the mouth and healthy gums to entirely support the implant. There are two different types of dental implants that we offer at our Shelby, NC, office. Together we can decide which one will be best for you. You must maintain a rigorous oral care routine and schedule regular dental visits to ensure the health of the implant.


Need Dental Care? Give Us a Call

If you're exhausted from struggling with missing teeth and live in the Shelby, NC, area, visit Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA, to discuss restoring your smile with dental implants. To learn more about general, cosmetic, and other restorative services, visit our website. For questions, concerns, or to schedule a consultation with your dentist, please call (704) 484-0077 or (704) 482-8336.

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