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FAQs About Dental Implants

Our Shelby, NC, dental team is happy to answer your questions about dental implants.

Most people have heard about dental implants, but our Shelby, NC, dentist Dr. Joseph Hendrick, has also realized that not many people know the details about this popular tooth replacement and how it works. Have questions about implants? Don’t worry; we have the answers! Here are some answers to the top asked questions about this popular tooth replacement.

What are dental implants?

Simply put, a dental implant is a metal post that functions like tooth roots. For it to replace tooth roots, this requires our Shelby, NC, dental team to surgically place the dental implants into the jawbone where they fuse with the bone. The small tapered metal post lies under the gums, but a connector known as an abutment is placed on top of the implant. The abutment’s sole purpose is to connect the implant with the crown (the part of the restoration that you see when you smile).

How long does it take to get dental implants?

For a dental implant to be successful, we will need to make sure that the jawbone is healthy and strong enough to support the implant. Once the implant has been placed into the jawbone we must still give the area up to six months for the bone to grow around the implant.

Depending on the type of dental implant we place, most patients will need to undergo two separate but minor procedures to get their implant. The average length of treatment is about one year, but it may only take 6-9 months depending on how quickly you heal and how many implants need to be placed.

How successful are they?

Dental implants are incredibly successful. While the success rate varies based on the research, one study found that implants carried a 90-95% success rate over 10 years. Some studies report an up to 98% success rate. Either way, we can’t deny that the success of this artificial tooth is incredibly high.

How long will implants last?

Implants are made from titanium, which makes them biocompatible and incredibly durable. This means that as long as you maintain good oral hygiene, your implant could last the rest of your life. The only part of the implant that may need to be replaced every decade or so is the dental crown, which is easy to replace.

If you are interested in getting dental implants, our Shelby, NC, dental team is here to make that possible. To find out if dental implants are right for you, simply call our office at (704) 484-0077 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hendrick.

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