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Common Risk Factors for Gum Disease

At our Shelby dentist’s office, we specialize in treating diseases and disorders of the teeth and gums, especially when this comes to periodontal or gum disease. This condition occurs when harmful bacteria infiltrate the gums, causing decay and disease. The gums can start to recede or pull away from the teeth. This can result in loose teeth and even cause your teeth to fall out.

A number of factors can come into play to determine if you could be at risk for gum disease. Knowing your individual risk factors can help you prevent gum disease whenever possible.

1. Age

The older you are, the more likely you are to experience gum disease. An estimated 70 percent of Americans older than age 65 have Gum Diseaseperiodontitis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

2. Family History

If your parents have experienced gum disease, you are at an increased risk for having it too. Always let your dentist know if you have a family history of gum disease or early tooth loss.

3. Your Medical History

If you have a history of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or rheumatoid arthritis, you are at greater risk for gum disease. These conditions are associated with causing inflammation in the body, which can lead to gum disease.

4. Grinding or Clenching Your Teeth

Each of these actions creates added friction on your teeth, which can weaken the supporting structures of your teeth. As a result, you advance the rate at which your gum tissue deteriorates.

5. Poor Nutrition

Your body uses the nutrients you give it to make healthy tissues, fight off infections and heal tissues. If you do not fuel your body with the proper nutrients, it cannot fight back.

If you have questions about your personal risk factors for gum disease, please contact our Shelby dentist’s office at (704) 484-0077.

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