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By Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA
January 08, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Bad smile? Dental crowns are 'caps' that cover the outside of the teeth. Crowns can correct different types of dental problems including dental crownscracked, weakened, and badly decayed teeth. Dr. Joseph Hendrick is one of the finest dentists in Shelby, NC. He offers a full range of dental services, including crowns. Here's everything you need to know about dental crowns.

Crowns Overview

Permanent dental crowns are dental restorations that are designed to fit over teeth so that they appear to be natural teeth. When the permanent crowns are cemented, they encase the entire teeth. The purpose of permanent crowns is to make the teeth stronger or improve the way they look.

Types of Dental Crowns

Different types of dental crowns include porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Porcelain dental crowns are sculpted to closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel, while providing strength and resilience. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are also very strong and can produce pleasing aesthetics. 

Benefits of Crowns

A permanent crown will do you and your smile a world of good. A crown can improve the appearance of your smile. It can instantly correct chips, discoloration, crookedness, cracks, fractures, and much more. A dental crown can also improve tooth function. It can withstand biting and chewing forces well. 

If you need permanent dental crowns, why wait? We can help you today. Call our dental office at 704-484-0077 today to schedule an appointment in Shelby, NC. Our dental crowns will make your teeth strong and beautiful.

By Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA
March 01, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

If left untreated, your damaged or missing teeth can take a long-term toll on your smile. However, repairing these issues could be as Restorative dentsitryeasy as asking your dentist about dental crowns and bridges. These restorations blend into your smile to improve its appearance and functionality. Learn more about crowns and bridges with Dr. Joseph Hendrick, Jr. in Shelby, NC.

Dental Crowns
This important dental restoration is a porcelain tooth-shaped cap which fits over a tooth to strengthen it. While dentists use dental crowns in various situations, they are most often used to stabilize a tooth that is cracked, has suffered damage or after a root canal. Crowns can also improve the appearance of a tooth, restore a worn tooth’s biting surface or hold a dental bridge in place.

Dental Bridges
A dental bridge is a dental restoration which replaces a missing tooth. The bridge itself consists of three prosthetic teeth in a row with a dental crown on either side. Made from porcelain, which has the same light-reflecting qualities as natural teeth, a bridge blends right into your smile seamlessly and subtly. A bridge can also be removable, held in place with metal clasps rather than dental crowns.

How do crowns and bridges work together? 
Dental crowns hold a bridge in place. However, crowns and bridges can further work together to benefit your smile. Replacing a missing tooth with a bridge and restoring a broken or damaged tooth with a dental crown corrects your bite.

Crowns and Bridges in Shelby, NC
Improving your smile with crowns and bridges can benefit its functionality, aesthetics and even your self-esteem. If you think you could benefit from crowns and bridges, you should consult with Dr. Hendrick about potential cosmetic dentistry procedures.

For more information on crowns and bridges, please contact Dr. Hendrick in Shelby, NC. Call (704) 484-0077 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Hendrick today!

By Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA
January 25, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Looking to replace one or more missing teeth with a reliable restoration? Then consider dental implants.
While there are certainly many tooth replacement options to choose from in Shelby, NC, if you are looking for a dental restoration that isdental implants durable, strong and can last a long time, then you will want to talk to our dentist Dr. Joseph Hendrick, Jr. about whether dental implants are right for you.
What makes dental implants a great option for replacing your missing tooth or teeth? There are so many benefits that you’ll enjoy when you decide to get dental implants over other tooth replacements. First of all, a dental implant is as close as you’ll ever get to a natural tooth. This is because it works much like natural tooth 's roots and even fuses together with your jawbone to become a strong, permanent foundation from which to hold a dental crown (or other restoration if you are replacing more than one missing tooth).

Of course, the success of dental implants relies on your health and certain lifestyle factors. During your consultation, our Shelby dentist will be able to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. Once you’ve been deemed an ideal candidate you will undergo a procedure in order to get your dental implant placed.
During your first procedure, we will insert the implant (which looks like a small metal post) into the jawbone. Once this is complete, the gums will be stitched back up. Over the course of several weeks and months, the bone and tissue will start to heal. As they grow around the implant they will also fuse together with it to become one.
Once this phenomenon is complete, we will place a connector on top of the implant. This connector piece—also referred to as an abutment—is key to connecting the implant with the dental crown. Once the gums have fully healed from this minor procedure, it’s now time to cement the crown over the abutment to give you your brand new smile.
If you want to find out if your smile is right for dental implants then it’s time to schedule your consultation with Dr. Joseph Hendrick, Jr. in Shelby, NC. Pick up the phone and call us today!

By Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA
April 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

How dental implants can restore your smile

Have you lost a tooth or several teeth? Are you worried about whether you will ever have a great smile again? Don’t worry because dental implantsdental implants are the answer you’ve been waiting for. Dental implants are the modern, state-of-the-art way to restore function and appearance to your smile. Dr. Joseph Hendrick Jr. in Shelby, North Carolina wants you to know losing a tooth is not the end of your smile!

Dental implants are far superior to conventional methods of tooth replacement like dental bridgework, partials or dentures. Dr. Hendrick wants you to know that when you choose dental implants, you will experience:

  • A natural looking smile that you will want to show off
  • Permanence and stability, because dental implants don’t move
  • Convenience, because you don’t have to remove them for cleaning
  • Satisfaction, because you can eat what you want without worry
  • A conservative treatment because there is no preparation of adjacent teeth

Your dental implants are also stain resistant and don’t decay, so they will stay bright and beautiful permanently. Dental implants also have a success rate of over 95 percent, higher than any other surgical implant! That’s because dental implants are made of titanium, a unique biocompatible material which is kind to soft tissue and bone. In fact, your bone actually fuses to it, locking it in place.

Dental implants placed by Dr. Hendrick can also make you look younger. That’s because you will create more bone, fusing the implant in place. Your jawline will look firmer and the youthful contours of your face will be restored. In contrast, wearing a denture for a long period of time can make you lose bone. Your bone begins to diminish and the pressure of the denture sitting on your jawbone accelerates the bone destruction.

Isn’t it time you looked younger, better and more self-confident? It’s time to find out why losing a tooth isn’t the end of your smile. Dr. Joseph Hendrick Jr. in Shelby, North Carolina wants to help you discover what dental implants can do for you and your smile, so call today!

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