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By Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA
April 26, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Yes, you can whiten your teeth at home with a professional whitening system.

One of the simplest ways to greatly improve your smile and your appearance is to get teeth whitening. Most people these days are looking for effective and fast solutions to remove yellow stains and to perk up their smile. Did you know you can actually turn to your Shelby, NC, dentist, Dr. Joseph Hendrick, for teeth whitening treatment but still whiten from home?

You Can Get Customized At-Home Treatment

Just because you aren’t sitting in our dental chair doesn’t mean that you can’t still get amazingly white results. Your Shelby, NC, cosmetic dentist offers at-home teeth whitening that’s tailored to your needs. At-home whitening is different from commercial whitening products that you’ll grab at your drugstore because they offer custom-made home whitening trays.

Since these trays are molded to your teeth this ensures that the bleach reaches all areas of your smile evenly. Some trays are only worn for an hour or two while others should be left overnight. Dr. Hendrick will provide you with complete instructions for how to use your at-home whitening trays properly.

Make Sure to Follow Instructions

It’s important that you follow all at-home whitening instructions if you want a safe treatment. At-home whitening is incredibly safe, but it’s important that you are following instructions, so you don’t deal with any unwanted side effects. For example, do not wear whitening trays for longer than you’re supposed to in an effort to whiten your smile faster. This will only increase your risk for tooth sensitivity.

Professional At-Home Whitening is Very Effective

There is a reason people turn to Dr. Hendrick for at-home whitening instead of using over-the-counter whitening kits. Dr. Hendrick can provide you with a stronger whitening gel than OTC products. A whitening gel with a higher percentage of peroxide can help you get faster results in a shorter period of time. Plus, the custom trays ensure better and more even results than the bulky OTC whitening trays.

Are you interested in getting professional at-home teeth whitening treatment from our Shelby, NC, cosmetic dentist Dr. Hendrick? If so, the next step is to give our practice a call today at (704) 484-0077 or (704) 482-8336 to schedule a consultation.


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