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By Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA
January 26, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you ready to kiss your yellowed, stained or dull teeth goodbye? In the past, these problems were something you simply had to live teeth whiteningwith. Now, thanks to teeth whitening technology, achieving a brilliant smile has never been easier. With help from your Shelby, NC dentist, your Hollywood smile is just an appointment away.

How do teeth become stained? 
Stains form on the teeth due to outside elements. Coffee, tea, smoking tobacco and other dark colored foods or drinks cause staining to the extrinsic, or outside layer of the teeth. This layer is the enamel. Trauma to the teeth or even too much fluoride can cause stains to form on the inner, or intrinsic, layer of the teeth, called dentin. Additionally, over time, the enamel becomes thin, allowing the yellow-colored dentin to show through.

What can I expect at a teeth whitening session? 
Most whitening sessions only last around an hour and can leave your teeth up to ten shades whiter. First, your teeth are sectioned off so the whitening agents only touch the teeth and not any oral tissues. A whitening gel applied to the teeth uses chemical reactions to break up the stain’s molecules. A special light directed at the teeth speeds up and intensifies the whitening process.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening
Having a smile that you can be proud of has more than just aesthetic value. Many people are ashamed of their yellowed teeth, hiding behind their hand when they laugh or speaking with their mouth closed. Teeth whitening can boost your self-esteem to new levels and make you more confident.

At-home kits vs in-office sessions
You can find at-home kits sold over-the-counter at most drug stores. They also use whitening gels to lift stains from the teeth. However, these at-home kits are not able to be monitored. Therefore, the chemicals used are much weaker than the ones used by your dentist, and results take about 6 weeks to see. With in-office whitening, your results are immediate and dramatic.

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